Hilarious Video Of A “Fantasy Football Draft Combine” Means The NFL Season Is Right Around The Corner

NFL draft combine
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Fantasy football players rejoice, because the NFL season is now only 48 days away…

The fantasy football season is arguably the best thing about professional football. Friends and family get together and craft their teams with footballers of their choice before the official games begin. Then, they vehemently trash talk one another for an 18-week period, in a traditional (and expected) display of sportsmanship.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the beauty of fantasy football, or fantasy sports in general, and to that I’ll ask you this: what’s wrong with you?

Sure, I probably spend way too much time during the NFL season figuring out who I want to start at my flex spot, or scouring the waiver wire for a sleeper running back to plug in for the week, but we all have our faults.

Once you get your team set for the year though, you are pretty much left to “deal with the cards that you have,” which makes figuring out the fantasy football draft order so important. Some people do it based on how teams finished last year, while others set it to be chosen randomly so no one can complain.

Or you can go the route that these guys did and set up an NFL Combine style obstacle course to see who gets the top spot in the fantasy draft, and who has to settle for the last pick.

I honestly love this method of figuring out the order of the picks, and I love even more that the members of this particular league are dedicating themselves to the process.

What do you have to do in their “Draft Combine” set up? Well, you start with a modified version of flip cup, taking the shot and then having to land the cup on the table. After that, you quickly move to the beer pong station, having to land just one ping pong ball into one of the cups at the other side of the table.

Once you get through that, you run over to a kids play set and try to precisely throw a football through one of its windows. If you can successfully throw the pigskin into its spot, you move on to the cornhole board, needing to toss a bag into the hole before turning around and running a makeshift 40 yard dash to finish.

And everything is being timed, of course, so the better the time, the better the fantasy drafting position. I wonder how many ACLs have been torn doing this…

Take a look:

Social media has absolutely loved the idea, sending out replies to the video supporting the “draft combine,” saying:

There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to playing fantasy football…

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