Gator Got A Grip On A Deer And Pulled It Right To The Bottom

Gator underwater deer

No, not the deer…

These gators are just wild. These dinosaur-like creatures will go after anything all while still looking like they’re from a prehistoric time period.

These creatures can grow large, weighing as much as 1,000 pounds and measuring 15 feet long from nose to tail.

These beasts are apex predators, meaning there is really nothing that actively hunts them, however we will see one tangle with a big Burmese python down in Florida from time to time. But they do hunt everything as they are opportunistic hunters. That means they will eat birds, turtles, fish, any small mammal they can and even larger animals like wild boar and deer.

Unfortunately they will even go after pets and people who get too close to the bank.

Alligators have a bite force over 2,000 PSI, meaning they can break bones in one snap. These powerful creatures use their muscular tails to push themselves around the water in silence. On land their short legs move quick and in a burst they up to 35 miles an hour helping them ambush their prey.

Yes, they are absolute killers.

This alligator was seen at work… just doing what they do.

As the camera peers beneath the waters surface you spot a gator just chilling. Except he is not just chilling, he’s chilling with a deer that he took out and dragged to the bottom of the waterbody.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock