AC Championship Spectator Awkwardly Calls Out Patrick Mahomes For Not Signing Son’s Jersey

Patrick Mahomes
Oli London

Well, that could not have been more awkward.

Kansas City Chiefs QB and Netflix show Quarterback star Patrick Mahomes was participating in the American Century Championship last week, a tournament that Mahomes has appeared at multiple times.

During the middle of his round, a little among spectators asked Mahomes if he could sign his jersey.

While Mahomes is typically a stand-up act and loved interacting with his fans, after previously being told by officials he needed to stop signing autographs told the boy he could not.

“They told me I can’t do anymore … I was signing stuff, and they said I was taking too long.” 

Fox News reported Mahomes told a group of fans before this little boy’s request.

When Mahomes responded to the fan, the boy’s father disagreed with Mahomes, saying he could not, leading to an uncomfortable interaction.

“Can’t sign for everyone… can’t make everybody happy.”

Mahomes had responded to the initial question.

 “Yeah, you can… you can just make one kid happy out of a hundred.”

The father clapped back.

The football star then responded that if he signed this one kid’s jersey, he would leave 99 other fans unhappy. Trying his best to shut down the situation gently. The father responded once again to the quarterback:

“That’s alright … one out of 99, at least it ain’t zero percent.”

After that comment, Mahomes did not respond and continued practicing his swing. The interaction did not seem to disturb his golf game, but watching the video of the exchange unfold was highly awkward.

If the Fox News statement is true about Mahomes being asked to stop signing things, you can’t reprimand the star for following suit in what he was asked to do.

Personally, I think he handled this confrontation with the boy’s father with grace. You can’t really fault the father for going to bat for his son, but Pat gave a very logical explanation for why he could not sign the boy’s jersey. And at the end of the day, he doesn’t have to stop what he’s doing for anybody.

But had he not been asked earlier to cool it with the autographs, I’m sure Mahomes would have gladly taken a moment for this young fan.

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