North Carolina Fisherman Reels In 1 In A Million Cow-Patterned Catfish

Cow catfish
Zakk Royce

What a catch.

Talk about a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience… ya gotta love it.

Fishing is just the best. Nothing beats making memories with family and friends all while having the chance to catch a monster or witness something amazing. You never really know what could be down there, so it’s always exhilarating to feel a bite, set the hook, and wonder what’s on the other side.

Blue catfish are favorite to catch by most fisherman in areas that they live in.

They can grow large, measuring up to 5 feet and weighing as much as 100 pounds, so their size alone is enough to get out there and chase after them.

But what if they are known to have crazy colors from unique genetic variations. Like all white or all black? That is a fish I would love to catch.

How about a one in a million cow-print catfish? Technically called a piebald catfish, Smart Fish Aquarium says the pattern only occurs once or twice in 5 million or 10 million hatchlings. So yeah, pretty damn rare.

That’s what this angler got himself into and I dare say. I’m jealous.

The fisherman is seen holding up his catch proudly as it dangles really looking like a cow in fish form. I mean, it almost looks like some kind of weird alien experiment gone wrong… or maybe they pulled up a cow and a catfish into the mothership at the same time and shot them back all blended together.

I don’t know, but it’s cool.

This is what fishing is all about… that unexpected catch that you didn’t even think could happen.

It’s what keeps us all running back to the water.

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