“Cocaine Sharks” Might Be Feasting On Cocaine & Other Drugs Off The Coast Of Florida

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Cocaine Bear took the world by storm upon it’s movie release, which was actually based on a true story, though they exaggerated most (if not all) of the comedy film.

And now, whether we like it or not, it looks like the eventual sequel is being inspired by some sharks that are allegedly feasting on dumped drugs and cocaine off the coast of Florida. Officials are speculating that a staggering amount of sharks (in the thousands potentially) have ingested bricks of cocaine that were adrift at sea.

Why are a bunch of drugs floating around in the ocean? Well, a lot of drug smuggling takes place via boat transfer at sea, and it hasn’t necessarily been uncommon for bales of cocaine to mysteriously find their way onto Florida beaches.

When the timing of the pick up gets messed up, or if a smuggler abandon one of the drops, the drugs then “belong to the sea,” or in some cases, ingested by sharks.

It hasn’t formally been announced as the sequel to Cocaine Bear, though a “Shark Week” documentary about the drugged-up sharks is officially on its way.

For those fans of the annual 7 days dedicated to sharks, you already know when your TV will be taken over by sharp-toothed creatures.

If you aren’t in the loop with the best TV event of the year, it kicks off on the Discovery Channel next week, with the Cocaine Sharks documentary airing right in the middle of the 7-day Shark extravaganza. The show releases on July 26th at 10 p.m., and can be streamed on MAX as well.

Tom Hird, a biologist and the man behind the Cocaine Sharks documentary, told Live Science about the project:

“The deeper story here is the way that chemicals, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs are entering our waterways – entering our ocean – and what effect that they then could go on to have on these delicate ocean ecosystems.”

Sounds like the title of the documentary could be a little misleading, though I’ll most definitely tune in if they even have one second of video showing a shark that they know has done cocaine.

And once Hollywood gets through the writers and actors strike, I’ve got a feeling that either Cocaine Shark or Jaws 5: Florida Snow will be on its way to a theater near you…

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