TikToker Offers The Perfect Way To Help You Escape From Your Significant Other For A Fishing Trip

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As dudes, I think we can all admit we enjoy some time away from our significant others every now and then.

Not ALL the time, but every now and then it’s nice just to kick back and have a good time with the boys and recharge a bit.

And one person in particular has put together a fool-proof business plan to help you out if you’re looking for the perfect reason to escape for a little while.

This one comes from a TikTok user who goes by the username Lawyer Marc, and according to his bio, he’s a criminal defense attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The guy is also pretty damn popular on TikTok as well, boasting nearly 180,000 followers.

So, let’s get to this legendary plan…

In one video, Lawyer Marc proposes that him and his cop friends will fake arrest you in front of your wife or girlfriend, and will make a massive scene with police cars, sirens, and lights, and guys in uniform, all for $500.

He even hilariously says they’ll taze you for an extra $25, but admits there’s a waiver you have to sign for that one.

He adds that they’ll take you away under very confusing circumstances, so it’s hard for your wife or girlfriend to track you down.

They’ll then take you to a campsite that’s paid for, with a tent, beer, bait, fishing license, and fishing equipment.

And right when your significant others begins to grow even more concerned, Lawyer Mac says they’ll drop you off at the nearest Waffle House, and say it’s just been a big misunderstanding.

I mean, sounds like a pretty great idea to me, and I can see this little side hustle going places.

On top of that, the comments are hilarious too:

“I’ve done this 2 times. Outstanding service. Very satisfied. Thank you all again.”

“This actually would be a high demand service”

“Is there a secret agent option? I return in a week and can’t legally discuss where I’ve been?”

“I would do this and I’m a happily divorced woman!”

“Do this in front of my boss and you got a deal”

“Ya, I’d pay a grand for that hands down…”

Check it out:

@lawyermarc Side Hustle #lawyersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Lawyer Marc


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock