A Delayed Plane Full Of Swifties Singing “Love Story” Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

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Hannah Hazlett

The Swifties need to be stopped at all costs.

I’ll go ahead and say it… Taylor Swift fans are a different breed.

I mean c’mon, people were literally paying thousands of dollars to get tickets at resale value in the nosebleeds for Swift’s Eras Tour, and women were literally showing up in adult diapers so they could pee themselves during the concert and not miss a second of it (which actually kinda makes sense if you were crazy enough to pay $1,000 for a bad seat).

Not to mention, that one woman who skipped work to visit the Taylor Swift merchandise tent, and did an interview with a blanket over her face so her cover wouldn’t be blown.

Maybe I’ve just never reached that level of fandom in my life to understand, but I just don’t ever see it happening… so I guess I never will.

But if we needed another example of Swiftie nonsense, here it is yet again.

This one all went down on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver, that was filled with Taylor Swift fans who were in town for her concert.

The flight got delayed, and how did the Swift fans spend it?

By singing Taylor Swift songs… shocker.

In the video, you can hear the fans singing the star singer’s OG hit “Love Story,” and waving their phone flashlights around like it was an ’80s hair metal concert.

I just feel bad for the passengers who were on the plane who weren’t there for the Swift concert…

This was probably a personal Hell… straight up nightmare fuel.

Check it out:

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