Woman Thinks Bear Cub Is Cute And Cuddly Until It Bites Her On The Chin

Bear bite
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It’s all fun and games until a bear bites you on the chin.

The old story of a person thinking a bear cub was cute and cuddle and finding out about nature the hard way. In other words, f***ing around and finding out.

Black bears are some of the cutest animals in the world. Watching them, they seem like any old pet, just give them some food and a pet and they will be fine. And really, for the most part that is true with bears.

But they are still very wild animals that are known to hunt and fight from time to time…

Black bears are some of the smartest creatures out there. They can break into anything, climb, rip and bite their way through life. Their skillset comes for their love and need for a lot of food.

They can grow to 600-pounds, which requires a lot of food. You can keep a bear fed, but they will always be looking for more.

Bears are easily kept in captivity, but they are still wild animals theat know how to fight and hunt, even from a young age.

This video shows a woman holding onto a bear cub in hers arms. She admires how cute the thing is as she gets her picture taken.

Out of no where things take a turn as the cub bites the woman right on her chin.

That had to hurt.

Watch out for these wild animals, they are always wild.




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