On This Date: Alan Jackson Released His 20th Studio Album ‘Angels & Alcohol’ In 2015

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, no matter the decade, is always incredible.

In 2015 AJ released his twentieth studio album, Angles and Alcohol, which would later chart at number five on the Billboard Top 200.

Produced by Keith Stegall, seven songs out of the ten-track album were written solely by Alan Jackson, himself. And while this might not be one of Jackson’s most well-known albums, it is filled with quite a few hidden gems.

The title track of the album “Angels & Alcohol” features a catchy hook line, “You can’t mix angels and alcohol.”

“I think I had that little hook for a while… I didn’t know what I was going to do with it; I just liked the sound.”

Alan shared in a video the story behind the song back when the album was released.

“Angels & Alcohol”

The album is filled with the traditional roots of Alan Jackson’s sound and highlights the fundamentals of country music.

“You Never Know” is my top track from the album, as it embodies quick-paced jukebox country. You can easily imagine being swung around on the dance floor to the track’s tempo.

“Mexico, Tequila And Me” comes in a close second as a classic day-drinking anthem.

It’s the perfect song for bitchin’ about your work and wishing you were on the beach drinking some tequila.

One of the most highly underrated from Jackson’s discography, it returns to the ’90s country roots of Alan Jackson that we all know and love.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock