Lainey Wilson Reveals Even She Doesn’t Know How ‘Yellowstone’ And John Dutton Will End

Lainey Wilson
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Now that we know Yellowstone season five is will be the final season of the show, after it was initially believed the show would go on for at least seven seasons, everybody is speculating how it’s all gonna end.

We also know that Kevin Costner’s time on the show as John Dutton has come to an end, so everybody is curious how he’s going to be removed, or killed off.

Lainey Wilson recently sat down for an interview with FOX News Digital to discuss the show, and speculated on how John Dutton might go out.

Wilson (who plays the latest character Abby in season five) admitted that even she has no clue how the show is gonna end:

“When it comes to how it’s going end, I don’t know. I need to call Taylor Sheridan. Fingers crossed that before it does end, hopefully I get to be back on the show again. I mean, the good news is they haven’t took me to the train station yet.”

She also discussed the fate of John Dutton on the show – revealing that she’s never even had the opportunity to meet Costner in person:

“Oh, Lord, I don’t even know, to be honest. I hadn’t even [gotten] to meet Kevin Costner even on the set, but I’ve heard that he’s just an incredible dude, so I don’t know.

I have a good feeling that Taylor Sheridan is such an incredible writer and storyteller that no matter which way it goes, he’s going to do it justice and he’s going to do it right and I think he’s got a lot of incredible ideas. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Needless to say, it appears that even the current actors on Yellowstone have zero clue how the show will end, and what will happen to John Dutton, which adds even more excitement.

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