Massive, Silent Wolf Pack Spotted On Trail Cam In Canada

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I you opened your tent door to this, what the hell would you do?

A trail cam set up by, a Canadian outdoors company, captured an incredible, and absolutely terrifying, sight walking through the Canadian woods one dark, snowy night.

The camera picked up, by my count, a pack of around 12 wolves, making their way through a clearing almost silently, barely making a noise despite the crunchy snow laying about half a foot deep.

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, wolves tend to stay in packs of four to nine members, although some have been known to briefly get to 30 before they split into smaller packs.

So while this one isn’t breaking any records, it’s still way above average, especially considering there’s no pups in sight and each one looks fully mature and ready to kill.

While lone wolves tend to get most of the notoriety for being complete badasses, there’s just something about seeing all of them together that exemplifies why a pack is so much more deadly than the loner.

Just imagine being surrounded and chased by a pack of these fanged predators, like this poor elk in Yellowstone National Park.

That’ll send some chills down your spine.

Driver Spots Wolf Pack Chasing Elk At Yellowstone

Another day, another awesome animal encounter at Yellowstone National Park.

You never know what you’re gonna see at Yellowstone, but if you spend enough time there, you’re bound to get a front row seat to nature at its cruelest.

Whether it’s a grizzly chasing down a bull elk, a wolf pack going toe to toe with a bear over a kill, or sometimes even a bison brawl bringing traffic to a complete stop.

This time, a driver stumbled upon members of the Wapiti Lake Wolf Pack, chasing down a cow elk in the Northern Range of the park.

And unfortunately for the elk, she wasn’t fast enough…

“The wapiti lake wolf pack is made up of 20 wolves. At last light I witnessed 7 wolves chase a cow elk across the road and eventually kill the elk 50 yards off the road.

This occurred in the northern range of Yellowstone National Park.”

I can honestly say the show Yellowstone has peaked my interest in the park, but when you actually dive into some of the incredible footage from parkgoers, you’re gonna wanna book you trip ASAP.

Yellowstone Wolfpack Attacks Elk Herd

Elk never have a chance…

With all of the nature and wildlife you can find at Yellowstone National Park, you’ll see some wild shit every once in a while.

Captured by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker, the footage shows a pack of wolves descending upon a herd of elk, flanking the herd on all sides, looking to single out a weak link for dinner.

You see the elk run from the wolves in a ginormous stampede, but for one unfortunate cow, she gets separated from the herd and quickly put on the menu.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker said in a Facebook post:

“We were fortunate enough to witness the Junction Butte Pack successfully complete a hunt in the Northern Range of Yellowstone.

Only 10% of the time are wolves successful in their hunts so to be able to see the entire sequence unfold was incredibly special.”

Michael Sypniewski, a Yellowstone Wolf Tracker guide, told FTW Outdoors that he spotted the hunt through a spotting scope that was located a mile from where the hunt occurred.

The Junction Butte Pack is one of the most constantly monitored, since it’s so close to the main road.

Needless to say, the video shows just how dangerous a small pack of wolves can be, even if dozens of elk are traveling in herds.

Wildlife man, it can be brutal.

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