Turks & Caicos Airbnb Comes With “Fully Blind & A Little Deaf” Dog That Leads You To The Beach

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If there is a “Good Boy of the Year” award somewhere out there, go ahead and stop accepting new entries, because the competition is all wrapped up.

Summer time is the perfect time to plan a getaway, and this TikTok user really lucked out with the accommodations at their Airbnb.

Sure the Lighthouse Cottage has some phenomenal views, a private pool, and its very own lookout from where the old lighthouse used to be, but all of those features pale in comparison to the best part of the whole thing.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom beach house rents for $722 a night and most importantly comes with a blind and deaf dog named Soldier that leads you on the walking path to the beach.

Turks and Caicos is the home of the dog-friendly Airbnb, and thanks to a TikTok that has garnered over 10 millions views, I’m sure the interest in the property is going to shoot up thanks to its dog host.

And yes, earlier I mentioned that the older dog named Soldier is blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from being the “goodest of boys” and guiding guests to the sea each and every day.

The Airbnb describes itself as:

“‘The Lighthouse’ is your own private cottage, with a lighthouse tower and stellar ocean views! Built in 2019, it is nestled within the quiet neighborhood of Thompson’s Cove, only 5 minutes from the airport.

We are located right on the canal and a short 3 minute walk to the beach. Enjoy our kayaks, SUPs and snorkel gear.

Take a leisurely 15 minute walk down the beach, and you will find ‘Da Conch Shack,’ known for their rum punches!”

Sounds heavenly, though they did forget to mention the best part of the stay: Soldier the dog.

That’s okay though, because TikTok has covered the property and the fury friend it comes with extensively. Take a look:

@notalabamahannah We get so scared that Soldier is going to fall off the front walkway every single time #airbnb #vacation ♬ Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

The TikToker even took a moment to answer some of the questions that other users left underneath the original video of Soldier leading them to the beach:

@notalabamahannah Replying to @grace bowman ☆ ♬ original sound – Hannah brown

I’d say the property value of this lighthouse just skyrocketed thanks to social media. TikTokers flooded the comments with praise for the guide dog and the property itself:

“I would follow that dog anywhere it wanted to take me.”

“An Airbnb with dog concierge that escorts you to the beach. Lovely.”

“He takes his concierge job very seriously.”

The second you leave this place I’m booking it. Are you kidding me?”

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