Husband Nearly Loses His Mind When His Wife Literally Puts The Clubs “ON The Cart”

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There’s a reason why men catch the “golfing bug” and decide to be weekend warriors and pour endless amounts of money and time into the game.

Many husbands, boyfriends, and fiancés might tell you that they play so much golf because they really enjoy the challenge of the game, being out in nature, and spending time with friends. Though parts of that might be true, the real reason, or reasons, is that it gives them over four hours of alone time and the perfect window for drinking a ton of beer.

That’s why you see all the golf guys freaking out when anyone talks about speeding up the game of golf, or shortening a full round from 18 holes to 12 holes. Their only escape is to go outside for way too long and try to hit a ball into a hole that is way too small. Even if they suck at it (and a lot of guys do), it’s almost their form of therapy.

This guy in the video below was being a good partner and decided to ask his wife other to tag along for an afternoon of golfing. As you’ll find out shortly, she doesn’t have a lot of knowledge around the game or process of the sport, which led to a fiery interaction between the married couple.

As the wife drives down the cart path while holding the golf clubs on top of the cart, clubs are beginning to fall out in every direction, and the man loses his mind trying to explain to her that the clubs have a specific place on the back of the cart.

Apparently he wasn’t specific enough though, and hilarity ensues.

The clip below is captioned:

“This dude just told his wife to put the clubs on the cart and meet him at the 1st hole. I’m dead.”

And if she actually knew what he meant and was just being funny, then that’s friggin’ hilarious. Congrats dude, you got yourself a keeper.

Social media users could hardly believe that this actually happened, and a couple people even shared their own “way too literal” golf stories:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock