Alaskan Brown Bear Snags First Catch Of The Season At Brooks Falls

Brown Bear alaska

This bear is somewhat of a thrill seeker, and its ability to stay cool on the edge of the waterfall ended up paying off.

Every time I see a video of a bear, I’m surprised in some way. I catch myself being caught off guard by their speed, their endurance that let’s them run long distances, their agility, and with this video, their athleticism.

Bears are natural athletes, and don’t try to tell me that they aren’t. This particular bear caught a fish out of mid air as it was balancing on the edge of a waterfall in the middle of a rushing stream. That kind of focus and skill is usually only seen exhibited by the best athletes of the world.

I’m not saying that bears can shoot a basketball, or throw a football 80 yards down field, not that kind of athleticism.  I’m just trying to point out that there aren’t a lot of animals, especially of a brown bear’s size, that can pull off what this massive animal does in the video below.

The footage is taken from a live bear cam that is running right now at Brooks Falls, Alaska. If you go to this link, gracefully provided by the National Park Service, you can watch bears hunt this stream all day long if you wanted to.

So the cameras were rolling when the apparent “first catch of the season” went down, and man was it a good one. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t ever watch another human fish for three hours, but clicking that link and passing the time of a feature length watching bears ferociously grab fish out of the water and the air would be pretty easy.

The bear holds its position for quite some time, and when the fish jumps out of the water, the brown bear is in the perfect spot to chomp its jaws down on it and claim it as dinner. It honestly looked pretty easy for the big bear, which inspires me to flip on the Brooks Falls bear cam and see what else is in store.

And a quick side note: apparently this bear’s name is Grazer, which is a phenomenal name for a bear. Grazer is descriptive, truthful, and intimidating, so whoever chose that name for this bear deserves some sort of award.

The post is shared from, and the caption of the video states:

“The crowd goes wild! Grazer lands the very first Brooks Falls lip catch of the season.”

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