Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says That Potty Training His Toddler Is Like Breaking A Horse: “It’s Like A Switch”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. certainly has a way with words.

The 15-time winner of NASCAR‘s Most Popular Driver has parlayed his popularity into a massive podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, where the former driver not only talks with others in the racing industry but also gives some hilarious personal stories along the way.

And the father of two recently talked about his current experience with potty training his youngest daughter, Nicole.

Junior has already been through the struggle of potty training once with his oldest daughter, 5-year old Isla Rose. But now, it’s 2-year old Nicole’s turn. And Junior had an interesting way to describe the process:

“The first trip through that process with our first child was very new and difficult and challenging. I think we’re a little more confident this time.

And it’s sorta like breaking a horse I guess. You know how you see it in the movies? The horses are wild and they’re running around, and all of a sudden they’re tame.

It’s like a switch. Ok, we’ve broken this horse and it’s now this perfect horse that goes everywhere you tell it to go. And everybody’s so happy.”

Well that’s an interesting analogy. But as somebody who’s never broken a horse OR potty trained a child, who am I to say that it’s not true?

Dale’s co-host Mike Davis certainly got a good laugh out of it:

“It’s the perfect analogy, frankly. You celebrate it when it finally happens. It’s party-worthy.”

Never change, Dale. Never change.

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