‘Yellowstone’ Snubbed From The Emmy Nominations Yet Again

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It’s no secret that Yellowstone has been in a mess this year.

It all began when there were rumors that Kevin Costner was leaving the show because of issues with scheduling for filming the second half of season five.

So, along with the ongoing writer’s strike, there’s gonna be a major delay for the premiere of the second half of the season (the final season of the series), and we probably won’t get it until at least November.

On top of that, we’ve also gotten word that the show will be coming to an abrupt end after season five, with Costner announcing that he won’t be returning to the Yellowstone saga, while there’s also a Matthew McConaughey spinoff series in the works.

And to add insult to injury, the show just got snubbed from the Emmys once again.

It’s no secret that Yellowstone hasn’t fared too well when it comes to awards, having been snubbed from the Emmys every year since the show dropped in 2018, even though it’s been the most popular TV show in America the past few years.

Lainey Wilson even submitted her song “Smell Like Smoke,” which was featured on the first half of season five, for Emmy consideration, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening either.

It’s pretty confusing, but at this point it’s just like playing a broken record.

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