Two Ants Seen Dragging A Much Larger Cockroach By Its Antennae

Ants with roach
Viral Hog

The strength these little lads have.

I mean that thing is like 50 times their size… and still alive?

Ants might be small, but they are mighty. Pound for pound, ants come in near the top of the list, and I will say, the things these little bugs are capable of is amazing.

They are known to have strength that can carry much more than their own body weight.

Their small size allows them to get into tight places and climb things with ease. This makes them adaptable and able to survive nearly anywhere.

They often are seen working together as they find strength in numbers. Even though they are surprisingly strong alone, it’s crazy to see what they can do together. They form colonies with actual roles within the group to help them all.

When they work together, they can pull and move things much larger than any one would think. They are even able to form bridges to help each other pass things and climb.

These two ants decided to show us what they could do.

In hilarious fashion, each ant hooked onto one antenna of a cockroach and started walking. The pair were caught on video dragging the cockroach by its antennae, like someone dragging a bag of garbage to the trash can.

That’s one impressive little bug:

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A beer bottle on a dock