Mama Bear & Her 5 Cubs Have A Pool Party Right In New Jersey Backyard

Black bears new jersey
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It’s a party.

Imagine looking out your back door and seeing a black bear pool party taking place. It certainly isn’t something you would expect, especially with 6 bears in the mix and a pool that isn’t made out of concrete.

Black bears are a funny animal, though. They are incredibly smart, incredibly curious, and like to enjoy themselves.

These creatures can weigh as much as 600 pounds, but are generally smaller… especially females. But that being said, a lot of their time is dedicated to finding food to power those big powerful bodies.

Black bears can have as much as 5 cubs, but that is a rare occurrence with 2 being the average and more than 3 being uncommon. These bears are born completely dependent on their mothers, but quickly grow and are ready to learn in the spring time.

If a mother bear has 5 cubs, that’s a lot of food she has to find for them. This will lead bears to urban areas where they can often times access food easily in garbage cans and gardens.

This leads to some funny interactions with people and things.

Like this whole family having a pool party.

A mother bear is seen sitting right in the middle of a backyard pool as her 5 cubs play around her getting in and out of the pool.

The little girl who usually plays in the pool hilarious get sad as the bear cubs have the time of their lives with her toys.

“They took my floatie!”

As they watch on the dad has that realization that sucks.

“They’re gonna be poking holes with their feet in the floor.”

The cubs go down slides and play with every toy they can.

That looks like a fun time.

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