Koe Wetzel’s Acoustic Performance Of “Ragweed” Just Hits Different

Koe Wetzel country music

Koe Wetzel acoustic just hits so incredibly different.

Ahead of what turned out to actually be a fully acoustic show (with drinks on Koe) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota a couple weeks back, Koe played a very special version of his fan-favorite song “Ragweed” during a different acoustic set for a few people ahead of the concert.

Of course, the single was included on Koe’s 2019 Harold Saul High album as a cool tribute to the Texas band Cross Canadian Ragweed and their influence on his career.

CCR frontman Cody Canada previously talked about the impact that song had on his royalty checks (and obviously, fan interest in them ever getting back together) from their old music, which you’ll definitely want to read about HERE.

And ever since videos have been pouring in from that last-minute stripped-back show, I keep thinking that we really do need some sort of unplugged or acoustic album from the Texas rocker.

The fan reaction to him playing any sort of song acoustically is so overwhelmingly positive, and while I love the loud, rock and roll production and grungy feel on his most recent record Hell Paso, his vocals just shine when you can hear them so clearly with a simple acoustic guitar.

And luckily for all of us, a fan shared part of his performance of “Ragweed” over on TikTok, and if there ever was a song of his I would want an official studio recording of with this production, it’s easily this one:

@jaceyedlin acoustic koe was sober enough to take us to taco bell #koewetzel #koewetzelmusic #southdakota #fyp ♬ original sound – Jacey

Going to have this on repeat for the rest of the day now…


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