Family Talks To Cute Young Black Bear, Then Get Scared When It Charges At Them

black bear
Viral Hog

Hey, little guy.

Young bears have to be some of the cutest animals in the wild. They just remind you of a stuffed animal, something you just want to pick up and pet.

But, they definitely aren’t that. Young bears are actually the most unpredictable and if they are young enough to have mama around, you have even more trouble.

These black bears can weigh as much as 600 pounds, but your average bear is much less and young bears are closer to 100 pounds.

But regardless of their age, they are all highly skilled and abled animals. Bears can climb, bite and claw better than most animals out there. Even though they get much of their diet from plant matter they have no issues taking out an animal or fighting a person.

These folks thought this young roadside bear was the cutest thing they ever did see as they pulled over for a few pictures. With bears what seems harmless can change in an instance.

“Oh my god he looks so soft.

Hey, little boy.

Nope, stay there”

The bear gets annoyed and comes straight towards the vehicle, even angrily jumping towards it with its paws in there.

This bear may be small but could still do enough damage that you should stay back.

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