Wildlife Photographers Come Face To Face With “Ninja” Black Bear While Searching For Wolves In Yellowstone National Park

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YouTube/Yellowstone Video

What’s worse than running into someone at the grocery that you don’t really want to talk to? Probably stumbling across a ninja black bear that could kill you, if I had to guess.

This wildlife photographer was looking for a reported pack of wolves that were taking down a bison when this wild animal encounter occurred.

Himself and his partner were traversing the area of Yellowstone National Park where the wolves were allegedly spotted around when they came face to face with this massive black bear.

Lucky for us (unlucky for them I suppose), the photographer had two cameras on him that day and left one camera recording while they searched the surrounding area with binoculars for the wolves they were trying to track.

While they are standing on a bridge attempting to catch a glimpse of the wolves, they spot a bear way below the bridge they are standing on walking around on the hillside. The photographers document the cool moment with their camera, but continue to discuss where they should relocate to find the pack of animals they came there for.

The pair decided that they wanted to get to a higher ground in a spot called the “Wrecker,” which should give them a better vantage point since they weren’t seeing any traces of a wolf attack or a bison in distress.

As they headed back to their vehicle to move locations, they were startled when they came face to face with bear that was wondering around their car. They knew they had just seen a bear beneath the bridge, but never heard this particular one coming. One of the guys warns the other by saying:

“Go that way, there’s a bear right there.”

The other person is shocked and responds with:

“Yeah, a ninja bear. I don’t know where he came from.”

Coming face to face with a regular bear is enough trouble, but crossing paths with a ninja bear? Yeah, good luck.

The wildlife photographer kept one camera recording while he attempted to put the other and his equipment into the safety of the vehicle. Both of the two men stay pretty quiet once the bear is in the area, and it appears that the bear had been keeping the volume pretty low the whole time considering that it snuck up on them.

With the camera still rolling, the bear eventually gets bored (or slightly intimidated) and starts to head out. As quickly as the ninja bear was there, it then utilized its “ninja moves” to get the hell out of there.

And by ninja moves, I mean that it went running down a bridge that crosses the famous Yellowstone River. Once the bear left, the two photographers got out of there with their equipment and their lives to give the bear some space. Smart move.

The shocking video is linked below, and the caption with the video on YouTube gives some more specific descriptions of the encounter:

“In early May of 2022 while wolf watching, we came face to face with a black bear. Thankfully it was just as much a surprise for him as it was for us.

We knew there was a black bear far below the bridge and a lone black bear isn’t very interesting usually. This video shows how they can appear out of nowhere and move far faster than you might think.

Everyone parted that day safely and on good terms with each other. Stay safe but also realize they move like Ninjas day or night.”

Take a look, and keep an eye out for ninja bears:

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