Two Idiotic Golfers Get Caught Trying To Steal Expensive Putters By Stuffing Them In Their Pants

golf club theft

Golf is a game of integrity, but apparently the rules change for these two idiots once they get off the course and into the pro shop.

Occasionally I see something on the internet that restores my faith in humanity, and then I see videos like this and my hope comes crashing back down to Earth. It is baffling to me that these two guys thought they could do this and get away scot free.

In the video, two heavyset gentlemen are perusing their way through the golf shop’s merchandise, trying to come up with a clever plan to steal themselves two new golf clubs. However, this plan isn’t like what you see in the movies where Nicolas Cage crafts an intricate plan to steal, distract and escape. These guys are actually far from that.

Their plan: take the two new putters and stuff them down one of the guy’s pants.

Foolproof really, because who would think twice as they walk by a man with two large metal objects protruding from his already tight pants? I also loved that one guy acted as a lookout for the whole thing, standing in front of the other man and trying to act natural as he peered over to where the pro shop attendant would regularly be standing.

Once the putters are stuffed down the pant leg of the man on the left, the pair of dummies walk out of the shop thinking that they just pulled off a great heist. And they would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling security cameras…

Did they forget about that technology? You know, the cameras in ceiling that are pretty much everywhere now, and have only gotten more high tech since their initial creation? It appears that they were too busy stuffing $800 worth of golf clubs in their pants to remember to check where the camera is located.

The whole thing went down at the Royal Winchester Golf Club in Winchester, United Kingdom, and an affiliate golf course called the Ferndown Forest posted this video, along with the caption:

“The standard of crooks today has really gone down hill. Watch this from yesterday at our Royal Winchester Shop…. Just needs a Benny Hill tune played over the top. I promise it is real and not a set up.

Before anyone asks, the staff were by the door speaking with another customer. These two walked out and got in to their van and drove away. We have all their details and have since identified them.”

And my favorite thing about social media, the above post mentioned something about the clip needing a “Benny Hill tune” played over it, and some dedicated memester pulled through and provided just that:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock