Hunter Bags Super Rare All-Black Coyote

Black coyote
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That’s a new one.

Nature always has a way of surprising though, you just never know what it is going to throw at you.

Melanism is a rare genetic trait where the individual animal has all black fur despite the species usually having different colors. It is rare across all species, including coyotes.

Coyotes are a species that make themselves easy to want to hunt in the offseason. They are a predator that is generally plentiful in numbers and often eat many of the animals we like to chase after. Whether it’s a rabbit, grouse, deer, and even chickens or cattle, these wild dogs will take them down.

Not to mention they have been known to attack small pets such as cats and dogs.

Coyotes can weigh up to 45 pounds and measure 4 feet long. This makes them a fair sized animal to chase after.

Getting the animal you’re chasing is always a thrill, but getting an animal that is incredibly rare, whether it’s the big one or a strange variation, is always extra special.

Melanistic or black coyotes are extremely rare. There’s various estimates available, but usually it falls well below 1 percent of coyotes with this genetic variation.

And to be honest, there’s some animals I would probably let walk with this, but a coyote is a good one to take out.

That is one special animal.

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