Maryland Couple Catch 800-Pound Tiger Shark On Florida Honeymoon

Tiger shark fishing
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For the majority of married couples, the wedding and the honeymoon will always be some of the most memorable days of their lives (unless everything goes totally wrong and it’s the most forgettable days of their lives).

With that being said, this newly married couple’s honeymoon will be a trip they’ll never forget, but not for the typical honeymoon trip reasons…

According to FOX10, Maryland newlyweds Will and Ashton Weber decided to spend their honeymoon at Navarre Beach in Florida (the same spot where this hammerhead was spotted cruising around swimmers).

While there, they decided to book a shark fishing trip with Dylan Wier and Blaine Kenny of Coastal Worldwide.

And what was the result?

Catching a big ol’ 800-pound tiger shark.

Ashton said:

“It was crazy. She definitely put on a show for us.”

Will also recalled the unforgettable catch:

“When that fish got close enough where I could drop the harness you know and drop the rod and really get in there with it, man, I was just blown away.

I was just completely…I was in shock at the size of this fish. It was unbelievable how big this fish really was.”

Since tiger sharks are a protected species and must be released minutes after being caught, there wasn’t much time for many pictures.

Kenny said:

“You can get really solid pictures when we are handing the hook side if you’re back there near the tail and you’re holding the tail up and someone else is on the beach just snapping pictures.

Those pictures can come out really good sometimes but with a shark that big, it’s so chaotic and we’re just trying to keep that shark’s health in mind and we’re trying to get that thing out as quick as possible.”

Will and Ashton both got to keep the circle hooks from their catches, as it’s a tradition if you catch a shark over 10 feet. The one was probably about 12 feet according to their guides.

Ashton said:

“On our first time ever. We got both of them. We managed to catch it and be able to keep both, so it makes a heart. It’s like the perfect little thing.”

The Maryland couple also planned to do a little swordfish fishing on their honeymoon.

Congrats on the wedding, congrats on the shark, and congrats on living life to the fullest.

Here’s the full video from Coastal Worldwide:

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