House Cat Has A Hilarious Reaction Seeing A Bear For The First Time

Cat sees bear
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That is one scared kitty.

Cats are hilarious. They have so much personality and often wear their emotions right out in the open.

I get a kick out of how even though they are so tamed, they still have a bit of that wild side in them.

But what happens when a cat meets a wild animal? Well sometimes they chase a bear right off, other times they might be a meal for a bird of prey.

Bears are hilarious creatures that are often to smart for their own good.

Black bears can weigh up to 600 pounds and one of the smartest animals out there.

Eating food is what makes up most of their lives. And they are good at it.

These creatures have to consume high amounts of calories to help get them through the winters as the hibernate. This leaves them not picky, and they will eat just about anything from berries to dead animals and garbage. If it has calories a black bear is going to try to eat it.

This often draws them to urban areas where food is easily accessed in people’s yards and garbage bins.

This can lead to some interesting encounters with people and animals.

This cat doesn’t want any of it though.

A black bear is seen digging through someone’s yard as they do. The view pans over to a young kitten who has the most shocked and horrified face any cat could have.

Pure comedy.

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