Mother Bear & Her Cubs Hit The Putting Green At New England Airbnb

Bear golf
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Golf is a growing sport once more thanks to a resurgence of popular golfing content online, and the new wave of excitement for the game is apparently even sweeping up the black bear population.

Lisa Boucher was staying at an Airbnb rental property and was awoken when she heard some commotion outside. She walked over to a window that looked over the property’s artificial putting green and was surprised to see a group of golfers out on the course.

These weren’t just your average golfers either, and luckily Lisa got her camera rolling to capture this hilarious video of a mother bear and her two cubs “playing through” at the Airbnb.

As you’ll see in the clip, these bears are quite literally having the time of their lives. The bigger bear is pretty occupied with one of the green’s small flags, while the two cubs are running around on the green (horrible golf etiquette) on their back legs and throwing playful punches at one another.

It appears that the mother is just chilling, pulling back on the flag and chewing on it while its cubs run amok without a care in the world. Around 12 seconds into the footage, we finally see one of the bears actually utilize one of the golf balls sitting on the green.

The mother bear really overshoots and misreads the putt to the back pin, and in classic “I suck at golf” fashion, she immediately follows it to hit it again. You can double check me on this, but I counted a 7-putt by the big bear, and the ball still never made it into the hole.

After the bear’s 7th unsuccessful attempt, it frustratingly plops down onto the green and appears to think what any of us do when we have a bad round out on the links: I quit.

I’m sure the bears will be back though, as long as they can afford the steep green fees. That’s how it usually goes though, you walk off the course saying “I’m never playing again,” then you wait just long enough to forget the terrible time you had at the last go around, and you get back out there.

And just a side note, it is a good thing Lisa took a video of this, because with Airbnb cleaning fees nowadays, they probably would have hit her with a steep “green restoration” fee after the bears ran around on it.

Now she has the video evidence to both prove she doesn’t owe a dime and that golf can be enjoyed (and sometimes hated) by animals and humans alike.

The video’s caption states:

“Woke up to these bears playing golf at my Airbnb.”

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