“Daisy Dudes” Are Apparently A Thing Now And The Internet Has Jokes

Daisy Dude shorts

Nope. No way. This has gone too far.

It seems like every year men’s shorts get shorter and shorter. I remember when shorts came down past the knee, then they moved above the knee, then to mid-thigh. But if they get much higher we’re suddenly going to be hearing about a lot of wardrobe malfunctions from the fellas…

The trend needs to stop – but apparently it’s just going to keep going, because fashion brand Shein has now released a pair of jean shorts that are so short they’re being called “Daisy Dudes,” in reference to the classic shorts worn by Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard.

The “Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts” leave little to the imagination – and little room for error – as they’re about the size of a pair of tighty whities, except in denim, and they’re not underwear. Yes, these things are ACTUALLY supposed to be worn in public.

Imagine sliding into a pair of jorts and all of a sudden your balls are hanging out…not to mention how uncomfortable they have to be, hugging your package like that.

Now I’m all for a good pair of jorts. But jorts are supposed to hang down farther than your…you know what, never mind.

Anyway, the internet had a lot of jokes about the “Daisy Dudes” once they saw the latest trend.

Daisy Dudes, coming to a festival near you this summer.

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