Bald Eagle Hammers Fish & Then Stares Right Into Photographer’s Eyes

Bald Eagle
Mark Smith Photography

Ya gotta love to see it.

Bald eagles are just awesome.

Birds of prey in general are awesome, but bald eagles are the symbol of strength, freedom and on top of that, are absolute killers.

And who doesn’t admire an expert fisherman? Because at the end of the day, that’s all they really are.

Bald eagles are equipped with some of the best tools in the animal kingdom to make them successful hunters. Their eyesight is amazing, considered to be 4 to 5 times better than the average person. These beasts can spot prey up to 3 miles away and zero in on them.

To top that off, they are fast and strong flyers, allowing them to attack with speed from above. When they finally get to their target, they latch onto them with razor sharp talons that have a steady grip.

Seeing them in action is always a treat. Especially when it’s a video this good.

This wildlife photographer captured an up close and personal video of an eagle on the hunt.

The massive bird swoops down and hammers the water with precision. Not breaking stride it pulls out a fish with its talons and stares directly at the photographer as it flies on by.


What an amazing creature.

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A beer bottle on a dock