Man Tries To Rob Atlanta Nail Salon, Hilariously Gives Up When Everybody Ignores Him

Atlanta robbery

First day of robbery school?

Everybody’s probably had a job that they weren’t cut out for. Whether it’s your personality or your skill set or your interests, you’ve got to find a career that matches what you’re good at.

And for this guy, it’s definitely not robbery.

A man walked into the Nail1st nail salon in Atlanta earlier this week, apparently with the intention of robbing the store at gunpoint and getting away with some quick cash.

But what he wasn’t expecting was a group of people who couldn’t have cared less what his plans were and just went on about their day like he wasn’t even there.

As our wannabe-robber walks into the store and starts screaming at everybody to get down and empty their pockets, everybody just…well, completely ignores him. The cashier answers the phone as normal while there’s a guy trying to rob the place screaming at him in the background. They just could not care less what he wanted.

One woman does stand up and walk out, but the rest just sit there, completely unphased as he screams for them to give him their money.

The would-be robber actually looks pretty defeated as he just stands there for a few seconds, probably not believing that nobody’s even reacting to him, before turning around and walking right back out empty handed.

After he gets back outside he tries to salvage what’s left of his pride by once again asking the woman who had just left where her money was, but you can tell by this point his heart isn’t even in it anymore. He’s not screaming, just calmly asking where her money is.

And when she tells him that she doesn’t have any, the man just gives up altogether and walks away.

Just an absolutely incredible scene. But man, what an embarrassing day for the would-be criminal.

In fact, it was such a tough scene that people in the comments were actually feeling bad for the guy for being this big of a failure:

Hey man, it’s fine. Some people just aren’t built for certain jobs. I’m sure you’ll find a better one out there.

But in the meantime, the Atlanta police are also looking for you…

The entire scene also reminded me of this gem from a couple years ago, where a man in St. Louis lit a cigarette and just kept drinking his beer at the bar while it was being robbed.

Some people just aren’t here for your bullshit.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock