Dale Earnhardt Jr. Refuses To Count Beer Calories, And That’s 100% The Way To Go

Dale Earnhardt Jr
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Counting calories blows.

Granted, I don’t do it… yet… but in my mid-thirties, I know those days are coming.

Hell, long gone are the days when I can drink 15 beers, walk into a McDonald’s at 2am, eat 2 Big Macs, two large fries, wash it down with a large Coke and wake up with nothing more than a slight hangover. Don’t gain a pound, a little hair of the dog, and you’re good to go.

It’s sad, but that’s life.

Nowadays, you gotta get good sleep, eat right, work out, stretch (stretch a lot), and still, ain’t no way in HELL those abs are ever coming back. I’ve accepted it, my wife has accepted it… we’re all happier for it.

And yet, I know that someday the time will come when I have to pay even more attention to my diet, maybe start counting some calories, maybe drink a little more water and a little less beer…

And when that time comes, I’m taking a page out of the ol’ Dale Jr. playbook… I ain’t counting no damn beer calories.

On an episode of Jr.’s podcast, the Dale Jr. Download, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis got to talking about dieting and counting calories, and Dale revealed that beer calories don’t count on his diet.

“I don’t count drinking and I still don’t… I’m not ready to give up beer.”

And when Mike said he didn’t, and shouldn’t, have to give it up, he suggested just counting the calories. Dale explained why that’s just simply not gonna work.

“No… you can’t possibly do that. It’s not gonna work for me, yesterday I sat down and drank 8 beers over the course of the day… I’m not gonna count that.

My damn diet, my rules… I’m still losing the weight.”

Listen to this hilarious exchange:

And you know what, I 100% support this.

Like I said, I’m not in the counting calories stage of my life quite yet, and for those of you that are, keep grinding, you can do it. But ain’t no way in hell I’m counting beer calories. I simply refuse.

I mean, Jr.’s logic is flawless here:

“I understand what you guys are saying but I do not count the beers… I’m not gonna go in there and say ” there’s number three let me type that one in. Ok, number six, that one.’

Wile I’m sitting there drinking beer, listening to music, sitting in the pool, I’m not going to be typing in every beer each time I drink one.”


Dale Jr. loves his beer and I love him for it.

In fact, back in the day, he used to have so much beer shipped to the house that distributors thought he was selling it himself.

On another episode of the podcast, Earnhardt sat down with Ty Norris, the former Vice President of Motorsports for DEI, the team that was founded by Dale Earnhardt Sr. and that Dale Jr. drove for during the early years of his career.

You see Jr. liked to have a lot of people over, like A LOT of people over, and he had a pretty simple test for who he wanted working with him as well. Norris recalls Jr. coming to his office and asking him to fire a particular fabricator.

When Norris asked him why, Earnhardt had an epic response:

“Well, I’ve got this party going on and I’m sending out invitations…

And I don’t want to invite him. And if I don’t want to drink beer with him, I don’t want him working on my damn racecar.”

He wasn’t actually fired, but Norris did admit that he was a strange guy.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock