Whitetail Doe Viciously Stomps Out Coyote Who Was Attacking Her Fawn

Coyote attacking deer

You love to see it. A classic hero versus villain scenario, where the evil side’s plot is foiled by the good guy.

Or in this case, a good mother deer, who was going to stop at nothing to protect her young one from being carried away by a coyote, and was willing to bust out the “curb stomp” move as much as necessary.

You really never want to get in between a mother and her young, and this coyote learned that the hard way. It thought it was going to have an easy meal as it began to carry away the fawn into the woods, but the mother deer said “not on my watch” and put her life on the line to save her offspring.

The video was shared on TikTok yesterday, and though the location of the incident was not shared, I can confirm that the coyote was in “Stomp Town,” and the population of stomp town was him. And it looks to have taken place right in someone’s backyard.

We are let in on the fawn attack (Backyard Brawl) only seconds after it presumably started. The coyote is biting and attempting to carry off the young deer, and the whitetail doe comes rushing in to save it. Desperate to save her young one, the mom starts stomping and spinning all around the coyote to try and make the wild animal release the fawn from its teeth.

There are brief back and forth moments where it looks like the coyote is winning the fight, then other sections where the mother deer is clearly putting the hurt on the coyote. All we know for sure is that the stomps are landing, and the coyote is getting frustrated.

At one point, the mother successfully breaks the coyote away from the fawn, and the little deer gathers the strength to get up and try to run off. Just when you think the battle is over, the coyote rushes back in and bites at the fawn, throwing it around like a rag doll.

The mother is doing her best to fend off the coyote, but the wily (see what I did there?) thing just keeps coming back and trying new angles of attack on the young deer.

Some of the portions of the video are pretty brutal to watch considering the fawn is being hurt and could be injured by the coyote. The cries from the little thing only motivate the doe even more, and eventually the mother deer stands off and stomps towards the coyote one last time before the coyote finally gives up and runs away.

Once the enemy retreats, the doe rushes back over to tend to her youngling. Clearly the fawn is somewhat hurt, and though it is unclear if it made it or not, the fact that it is wagging its tail and raises its head towards the end of the footage is a good sign.

Just another example of why you don’t ever mess with a mother, and you especially don’t mess with a mother’s kids.

Take a look:

@zompster Momma protecting her fawn. Coyote attack! #coyoteattacksurvivor #coyote #coyoteattack #survivor ♬ original sound – zompster

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