Cameraman Taken Away On Stretcher After Being Drilled In The Face By Errant Throw During Yankees Game

New York Yankees
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Sniper got ’em.

I’ll admit, professional sports cameramen have no easy task, especially those in the NFL and NBA who are sitting right on the court or field of play.

I mean c’mon, the athletes are locked in on the game and don’t even realize the cameramen are there most of the time, and a lot of times when they’re running out of bounds they end of knocking the everlivin’ hell out of these people.

It can be a dangerous game.

And of course, this can also happen in baseball too, and we saw a perfect example of that last night when the New York Yankees were taking on the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

It all went down when Orioles shortstop Gunnar Henderson rushed a throw to first base in the fifth ending, as the ball sailed over the first baseman’s head, and smacked YES Network cameraman Pete Stendel right in the schnoz while he was seated in the dugout – and he went down immediately.

Needless to say, it was a scary scene, as the game was paused for a whole 10 minutes as medical staff had to tend to Stendel.

YES Network’s Michael Kay even cringed at the brutal blow to the face, as he called the accident “scary.”

Luckily, as Stendel was carried off in a stretcher, he gave the peace sign to the crowd, letting everybody know that he was okay.

Kay said:

“That is so Pete. Love that guy.”

Talk about a scary scene and a freak accident.

Check it out:


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