Zach Bryan Out-Of-Context “Don’t Be Naïve” Podcast Clips Are Unhinged Gold

Zach Bryan

Can we officially petition Zach Bryan to bring back his Don’t Be Naïve podcast?

It’s been two years since we were promised the return of the podcast hosted by country music megastar Zach Bryan. He started the podcast back in 2021, and the show’s short run was some of the most authentic podcasting I have seen from an artist.

While he tweeted back in November of 2022 that the show would be returning…we are now in July of 2023, and there are still no episodes.

As a podcast junkie, I love some excellent unhinged moments throughout an episode, which Bryan gave lots of.

I recently stumbled upon some clips from an episode, reminding me not only how much I loved the podcast but also heartbroken knowing we did not get the promised return.

The clips are out of context, but honestly, make them even funnier if you have not seen the episodes while they are up.

In the first clip, Zach Bryan is making fun of his own genre of music, noting that:

“My genre is two chords and a little bit of squealing.” 

@everythingzachbryan zach? #zachbryan #zachbryanpodcast #zachlanebryan #zb #fyp @Zach Bryan ♬ original sound – EverythingZachBryan

Hang in there, though; this is prime entertainment.

The second bit is from reading fan comments – and he’s not afraid to roast some of his listeners. One commenter notes that he wants the audio file for a song Zach had uploaded.

Zach notes how sweet the comment is but then roasts him for the word choice of ‘audio file.’

“Sweet comment James Davis.

BUT…if you ever say “audio file” around me, I’m going to get in my car and drive away.” 

@everythingzachbryan whats he saying? #zachbryan #zachbryanpodcast #zachlanebryan #zb #fyp @Zach Bryan ♬ original sound – EverythingZachBryan

While I would love for the Don’t Be Naïve podcast to return, I have a feeling we might be waiting for a while longer, given that Zach is now pretty constantly on the road or in the studio.

Such a tough internal battle….listen to Zach Bryan talk about his hot takes via podcast, or get my heart ripped out with new music.

But to fill the void left by the lack of Zach Bryan’s podcast, Whiskey Riff Raff is first-class listening.

With recent guests inducing Ella Langley, Colby Acuff, Logan Halstead, and Charles Wesley Godwin, there are many exclusive conversations with the best in country music today.

The podcast is available everywhere you can stream podcasts.

Click here to find us on Apple Music, or here to listen on Spotify.

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