The Internet Is Blasting A DoorDash Driver Who Cussed Out Customer For Having A Nice House & Tipping 25%

TikTok/Lacey Purciful

If you’re planning on becoming a DoorDasher sometime soon, there are a few small rules you must abide by while delivering to customers…

Don’t eat their food and drink, don’t spit in their food and drink, and DEFINITELY don’t smart off to the customer once you get to the door.

With that being said, this DoorDasher blatantly ignored one of those rules…

That we know of, at least.

I’ve dabbled a bit in the DoorDash game before, and it’s a great way to make some quick, easy money. And I’ll also admit that it can be incredibly frustrating to walk up to a mansion with someone’s food, and only receive a $4, $5 tip.

However, this is what you signed up for, and you can easily decline the request if you want to.

But no, this DoorDasher right here woke up and chose violence.

According to the New York Post, a man only identified as “Dasher Corey” pulled up to Lacey Purciful’s house in Texas with a $20 order of pizza, and tipped $5.

I mean, that’s a 25% tip, which isn’t bad at all. Unless you’re Dasher Corey, apparently.

When Dasher Corey realized the size of the house and the size of the tip, you can almost see the steam start coming out of his ears.

Purciful politely opens the door and is appreciative for the pizza, and at first, Dasher Corey seems to keep it together pretty well and even says “you’re welcome.”

But, as he walks away he becomes unhinged and says:

“I just want to say, it’s a nice house for a $5 tip.”

Purciful, obviously confused, responds:

“You’re welcome?”

And Dasher Corey closes it out by saying:

“F*ck you”

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Yep, that’s enough to get you fired right there, and sure enough it did. DoorDash said in a statement:

“Respectfully asking for a tip is acceptable but abusing or harassing someone is never acceptable.

We’ve removed this Dasher from our platform and reached out to the customer.”

And while a lot of times we see people siding with the delivery person in situations like this, it seems that most of the internet is firmly on the side of the homeowner, pointing out that 25% is more than a fair tip.

So yeah, don’t be Dasher Corey.

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