Live Chicken Used To Set Trap And Catch MASSIVE Anaconda

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That’s one massive snake.

Snakes are cool and all, but not when they get anything near that big…

Anacondas are some of the biggest out there too, measuring up to 30 feet in some cases and well over 250 pounds.

These are massive killers. With a diet of anything they can catch including birds, reptiles, deer and even alligators.

Anacondas are just giant predators. They use ambush to take their prey by surprise. They are constrictors and wrap themselves around their prey and squeeze until they suffocate or get crushed.

These creatures move slow because of their large size and only speed up when required for food or defense.

Naturally, these massive animals can become a problem if they get into an easy food source that humans have.

These folks must have had that problem and had to resort to a massive trap and using a whole chicken as bait.

It makes sense when you see this snake… the thing is as big as they come.

A weird looking trap is set up to funnel the giant snake into a barrel as it goes after a chicken for bait.

The trap works and gets a hold on this MASSIVE anaconda.

The snake struggles but is ultimately stuck there.

That plan worked… now to move the beast.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock