Deer Gets Absolutely Steamrolled By An Airboat

Airboat crash

First time I’ve ever seen a hit-and-run with a boat.

As I was casually scrolling through TikTok, I stumbled upon this video, and to be quite frank, I had to watch it a good two or three times to get the full effect of what I was watching.

The first time through, I thought some redneck was driving his boat on a little island patch among a lake. The first thought that went through my head was, “Dang, that is going to mess up his prop big time.”

The second watch, I see the movement of an animal who gets swiftly, and I mean swiftly, taken out by the boat.

It then dawns on me that this had to be an airboat, but now I’m sucked in trying to see what animal just got round housed by a boat.

Third watch… it’s a deer.

The thud the deer makes as it collides with the boat is painful. The boat keeps gliding into the water like nothing has happened.

Thankfully the TikTok user did note in the comments that the deer was okay and well on its way as they circled back.

Wonder if you can claim this incident on insurance?

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock