Brawl Erupts Between Players & Fans At End Of Massachusetts Pirates Indoor Football Game

Indoor football fight

A wild scene at an indoor football game.

Yesterday the Massachusetts Pirates took on the Arizona Rattlers for their final inter-conference game of the season.

The Rattlers came out of the game victorious, but a crazy scene during the last seconds of the game led players to charge into the stands.

Pirates’ Leon O’Neal Jr. jumps into the stand to confront a fan as she yells and points in his face. As he comes down from the stands, fans surround the player, causing a full-blown brawl that leads to more players from the sidelines getting involved.

Commentators noted:

“The Rattlers sideline is what warned me first. They were saying, “Oh, he’s hot, he’s hot.” We looked over to our left, and he jumped over and went to a fan.

He was in the fan’s face. I don’t know what he said…I don’t know what was said. But he hopped over there…didn’t even touch the wall.” 

The referee’s immediately ejected all of the players that were involved.

Those players were also ejected even if they were trying to help separate people.

“WILD scene at end of Rattlers game. 5 Massachusetts players ejected with 32 seconds left. Players going into the stands… If a fan said something — they need to be held accountable, but you can’t charge the crowd in full pads.

A kid in the front row looks to be crying?!”

Cameron Cox shared to Twitter along with the video of the scene.

Many fans followed the video clip with comments noting that the fan needs to be held accountable for the comment that riled him up so badly.

However, players also have no right to enter the stands to confront fans or start fights.

Regardless of what was said, this was not a good look for Pirates players and their coaching staff. There could have been a much better way to handle the situation.

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