Black Bear Hilariously Breaks Into Truck: “It’s A Freaking Black Bear, Eating Charlie’s Nuts In The Front Seat”

Black bear
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Not the nuts.

These black bears are sneaky and will do just about anything for food.

Break into vehicles, homes, garbage cans and anything else that holds something they think is edible.

They can grow as large as their appetite, weighing up to 600 pounds.

If you ever have the time to watch them, you can’t help but notice how smart they really are. They are very capable animals, able to open things, climb, break and crush their way through the wild.

Black bears love to come into urban areas. More people means they have more access to easy and tasty food sources.

This video from New Hampshire is a perfect example of bears being too smart for their own good. New Hampshire, being relatively small, has a fairly dense black bear population.

The bear is seen sitting in the passenger seat of a work truck just like he’s a person.

“It’s a freaking black bear, eating Charlie’s nuts in the front seat of the truck.”

The bear just goes to town on the nuts with a whole crowd watching. As they talk about the situation, Charlie yells out the low-lying fruit.

“He’s eating my nuts!”

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