6-Year-Old Boy Falls 40 Feet Into A Pool After Zipline Harness Breaks… Only Suffered Minor Injuries

Zip line fail

This is why I don’t zipline, bungee jump, skydive… any activity that requires a harness, some string and great heights is an immediate “no” from me, dawg.

I couldn’t imagine going to an amusement park with your family, expecting a fun filled day, and leaving with one of your loved ones suffering an absolutely terrifying, and potentially life-threatening, accident.

Forget it…

With that being said, a six-year-old boy fell almost 40 feet into a pool after the harness on the zipline he was riding broke, according to FOX News.

It all went down at the Parque Fundidora’s Amizonian Expedition in Nuevo Leon, Mexico this past Sunday. The family members said that the harness broke, and sent the boy into an artificial pool that was beneath the zipline.

People below quickly jumped into the pool to rescue the fallen child, and he miraculously only suffered minor injuries from the fall (thank God). He is currently recovering, but of course, suffered quite a bit of psychological trauma from the fall as well. The family says the poor kid is “psychologically damaged” and “afraid.”

Chilling video footage shows the child falling several feet from the zipline.

I can’t imagine what it would be like witnessing something like this in real life, especially for those related to the young child. It’s difficult enough as it is to watch it on social media.

You can hear several people screaming in horror as the boy, who the family identified as Cesar, plummets 40 feet.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Cesar and his family, and hope he can make a full recovery both physically and mentally.

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