This Video Of A Guy Pulling Up Beach Worms Will Ruin Your Next Vacation

Beach worms

On second thought, maybe I’ll just stay home.

Obviously there’s all kinds of wildlife at the beach. From crabs to jellyfish to stingrays, sharks…you never really know what you’re going to see when you head out for a day at the beach. The last time I was at the beach down in Florida a manatee swam within about 20 yards of us.

We’re in their home, so we’ve just got to deal with it.

But a worm that’s almost as tall as I am? That might be enough to keep me at the pool.

Luckily these worms are only found in Australia, which is why they’re commonly known as Australian beach worms. Their scientific name is the Australonuphis, these massive worms can grow to more than six feet long and live beneath the surface just past the shoreline. They feast on decaying meat, fish or seaweed, and are attracted to the surface by the smell of food.

Which is exactly how this guy managed to snag one.

Using a dead fish to attract the worm, the fisherman gets him to come to the surface before pulling him up with a pair of pliers…and he just keeps pulling, and pulling, and pulling, revealing the true size of the monstrous worm.

Nightmare fuel.

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The worms are found in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, and are actually sought after by anglers due to their length and muscular bodies.

Imagine opening up your bait cooler and seeing a bunch of these bad boys in there.

Guess I won’t be visiting Australia any time soon – or at least if I do, I know I’ll be avoiding the beach.

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