Taylor Swift Fan Dons Ridiculous Disguise To Skip Work & Buy Merch

Taylor Swift Fan
Local 12- WKRC

I think it’s fair to say that Taylor Swift fans are a different breed.

First off, you have fans who were willing to pay $1,000 for the cheap seats in re-sale tickets for her Eras Tour, which is clinically insane in itself.

On top of that, you literally had fans wearing adult diapers to her shows so they could pee in their pants and not miss a second of her show, which I guess makes more sense if they were the ones who dropped $1K on tickets.

And here we are yet again with yet another example coming from the Swifty rabid fanbase.

This one comes out of downtown Cincinnati, when a fan literally skipped work and made the trip from Louisville around 2:45 AM just to get her hands on some Taylor Swift merch.

No, I’m not talking about a concert… I’m talking about merchandise.

And how did she disguise herself?

With a blanket and sunglasses to make sure nobody could see her eyes.

While being interviewed by WKRC, the woman said:

“I almost named my daughter’s middle name Taylor… I want the gray quarter-zip.”

She also talked about how she’s taking an 11-year-old little girl to the show coming  up on Saturday, saying:

“I’m taking an 11-year-old little girl, it’s her first time. I went to the show in Nashville so it’s more for her… She made a bunch of friendship bracelets, I’ve gotten friendship bracelets here from all these sweet people, so I’m very excited.”

I mean, she’s kinda giving a lot of detail about herself to the point where she might be giving away her identity to her coworkers…

Bold strategy cotton.

Nevertheless, this is yet another of the million examples of the extreme measures Swifties will go to.

Check it out:

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