Black Bear Attacks Bow Hunter In Ontario, Canada

Black bear attack
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Talk about a place you’d never want to end up…

A bowhunter was walking down some trails in the Hearst, Ontario part of Canada, most likely out for some small game, when he came face to face with a black bear.

While black bear are not rare in this part of the country, you really never want to see one of these big fellas too close to you.

Whether he started recording after he saw the bear or the camera was running the entire time, the video begins with the man spotting the bear a bit down the path he was walking on. Naturally, he stops and tries to get small, hoping the bear will just go its own way and potential disaster could be avoided.

Unfortunately, the bear either doesn’t see the man or doesn’t care because he keeps plodding down the path toward the hunter, who only has a recurve bow to defend himself with.

The seconds tick by slowly as the bear moves within just a few feet of the man, who gives a last ditch effort to run the bear off by standing tall and yelling, but it has the opposite of the intended effect.

The black bear charges, going directly at the man with a deep growl as he and the camera hit the ground. At this point, you almost expect to hear the awful sounds of teeth on flesh and bones…

By some miracle, the bear decides to let the man go. The second he realizes he isn’t dead, he grabs his camera and bow and starts sprinting to safety, which is hopefully somewhere nearby.

My heart is still racing after watching that.

Can you imagine being pinned to the ground by a killing machine while alone in the woods? That’s the stuff horror movies are based on…

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