Jelly Roll Says He’s Never Drank A Beer, Calls It “Men’s Version Of Wine… Something Girls Would Do”

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Bussin' With The Boys Podcast

Woah, hot take coming from one of the hottest things in Nashville.

Jelly Roll has been on a killer streak of late, releasing his “debut” country album Whitsitt Chapelbecoming the first artist to ever have a Top 10 Country and Rock airplay hit at the same time, performing on Good Morning Americaand appearing on the largest platform in media, the Joe Rogan Experience.

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier for the guy and have been a fan since his Ballads Of The Broken album, which featured his first ever country Number One “Son Of A Sinner”. The guy just has one of the biggest hearts in all of music, an encouraging and heartwarming story, is as authentic as they come, and just seems like a great person to hang around and shoot the shit with.

With all of that being said, there is a comment he made on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast recently that just has to be addressed.

While talking with NFL veterans Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, the subject of beer olympics came up and Jelly hit everyone with a shocking statement on one of God’s greatest creations: Ice cold beer.

Jelly brought his wife Bunnie Xo to join him on the podcast, and when the topic of drinking beer at the Beer Olympics came up she hit Jelly with a hilarious, but all-time bad look.

“You’re gonna drink beer? His tummy gets upset… he’s allergic to gluten and wheat and stuff, that’s all that’s in beer.”


Jelly addresses is in the only way you can, acknowledge and move on.

“Very few things are more embarrassing than my wife looking at two alpha men and saying about her husband, ‘His tummy hurts.'”

That one got me actually laughing out loud. I’ve been in similar situations before and turn bright red, so Jelly deserves a lot of credit for rolling with it.

He then went on to explain himself and his opinion on beer.

“The funny thing about this is I’ve just never drank a beer… listen, this is a hot take, I didn’t want to say this on your pod, I didn’t want to say this ever. I’ve always looked at beer as men’s version of wine. It’s kind of like something, you know, girls would do. 

It’s kind of like “Oh, I’m drinking a beer.” When a dude’s like oh I drank 10 beers I’m like “Or you could’ve drank 3 shots like a real man.””

Duck and cover, shots have been fired.

Listen, I still love Jelly, and I completely understand why he wouldn’t drink a beer personally with his allergies, but come on man, don’t dismiss drinking beer with the boys. Sure, we could all get drunker faster if we just ripped shots, but there’s something to be said about those days or nights when you just have a few with your buddies, laugh at some stupid shit, and don’t feel like dog crap the morning after.

Of course, there’s also something special about kicking a keg or finishing a 30 rack by the lake, but hey, that’s the magic of beers… they can fit whatever roll you need them to.

Still nothing but love for Jelly the person and artist, but man, that just kinda stung a bit hearing it come from his mouth.

Here’s a clip from the podcast where he makes his statement on beer.

Give Jelly’s latest single, “Need A Favor,” a listen below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock