Grizzly Bear Shows Off Impressive Speed, Racing Through Trees Below A Helicopter

Grizzly running
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Look at him go.

I wouldn’t want to see one of these beasts charging my way…

Grizzly bears are feared far and wide as one of the most dangerous animals out there. They are massive, reaching over 1,000 pounds in some areas, and they can stand over 8 feet tall.

They use their massive size to dominate the land. They can tear through the ground and flesh… break branches, climb trees and crush bone with their teeth.

To top off all of their impressive abilities, they can run up to 35 miles an hour and boast pretty impressive stamina. This means they can nearly catch anything no matter what direction it goes.

Now, these bears are not reaching these speeds on racetracks. They can actually move that fast in the wild, on uneven ground, running over it all.

It sounds amazing but seeing it in action is a whole other ordeal.

This video taken from a helicopter shows this grizzly impressive speed.

The helicopter circles around to get a view of the bear. When it catches your eye, you immediately notice how it moves through the trees with ease.

The bear is running nearly at the speed of the helicopter as it doesn’t even dodge or swerve from the brush on the ground.

That is a bear on a mission right there.

Big Ol’ Grizzly Bear Charges Truck At Full Speed On Montana Highway

Gas is on the right.

No one wants to see a mama grizz running at ya full speed. There’s not much good that can come from it regardless of the situation. Even with the protection of a truck, my heart would start pumping a lot harder than normal.

Grizzly bears are one of the most feared animals in North America and there’s a good reason for it. They are huge, with females weighing an average of 300-pounds in the Montana area.

That’s a 300-pound killer. These bears have to fight for everything. They fight to survive every day, finding food or even protecting their young against larger males.

Male grizzly bears will attack the young so they can breed with the female again. It’s truly a tough world out there for them.

This mama bear clearly has some past trauma she’s trying to protect from too…

As a mother drives the kids to school in Montana, they come across a group of grizzly bears.

As they get closer to the group, the vehicle slows down to get a better look and mama bear doesn’t like that one bit. She instantly turns towards the truck and comes barreling towards the road at full speed.

Of course the vehicle has no problem outrunning the bear, but nevertheless, that’ll get the blood pumping a bit.

Life in Montana, am I right?

Grizzly Bear Chases Mountain Goats

Talk about a wild hike.

Everyone hopes to see some nice views, maybe an animal encounter of sorts from afar, but a  big ol’ grizzly barreling down the trail right at you? Not what you signed up for…

What if it decides you’re gonna be its dinner instead? I mean, honestly, the mountain goats have a MUCH better chance at getting away.

This is just amazing though.

The video, from Glacier National in Montana, starts showing some goats running on the trail with more people in the distance on the other side of them. One of the goats is coming right for the man filming.

Then out of nowhere comes a hungry grizzly trying to catch itself some lunch. Needless to say, this explains why the goats we’re running like something was chasing them.

Now the man filming is panicked too.

As the camera views shakes around in the panic heavy breathing is heard as the grizzly runs on by, ignoring the hikers to the chase the goats.

A little bit more an adrenaline rush than they bargained for, eh?

The video steadies out as the bear continues to chase the goats that are now in the distance.

The clip is amazing, the background is picture perfect and it showcases just how quick and amazing both mountain goats and grizzly bears are.

The goats are out here living on mountain side being chased by grizzlies. The grizzlies out here chasing around goats that lives on mountain sides to survive. It’s a pretty crazy world out there.

And it’s great that these national parks have such an abundance of wildlife and tourists to capture these crazy moments.

“While hiking the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail in Glacier National Park, I watched a grizzly bear charge after mountain goats.

The bear and goats came right onto the well-traveled trail, frightening the hikers who were a few feet from the action.

The bear and the goats eventually left the trail and headed down the mountain.”

Here’s another video from a couple weeks later… must be a regular occurence:

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