“Frostbite” By Jake Kohn Needed To Be On Music Streaming Platforms Months Ago

Jake Kohn country music
Radio WV

Someone get this kid into the studio.

This past week Jake Kohn made his impressive Red Barn Radio debut at just sixteen years old. The soul that this up-and-coming artist possesses is unreal. Hearing his voice, you’d think he was at least 50, combined with the poetic lyrics he sings.

While his hour-and-a-half live stream is impressive (and I highly recommend watching the entire video), if you only have a chance to watch some of it, “Frostbite” must be the song you check out.

“Frostbite” is an original from the teenager, first shared on his YouTube in October of 2022, but recently recorded it with Radio WV for an acoustic session.

The way he belts out the lyrics with such grit is breathtaking. Watching such a young talent deliver heart-wrenching lyrics with such conviction is captivating.

Joke Kohn’s current ability is well beyond his years, so I can only imagine his sound will age like fine wine as he refines his sound and songwriting.

Someone needs to get this kid on streaming platforms immediately. He will be racking up those numbers.

Here is the first video Kohn posted on his YouTube for fun.

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A beer bottle on a dock