Dolly Parton’s Advice To American Teenagers In 1988: “Act Like It’s Raining Every Day & Wear Your Rubbers”

Dolly Parton country music

If you need another reason to love  Dolly Parton… first of all, you need to re-evaluate who you love. But secondly, this video should make up that ground.

In 1988, Dolly Parton did an audience question and answer segment on a variety show. A young high school student asked the country music queen a question he could include in his school newspaper.

“If you could tell teenagers of America today one thing, whether it be advice or something of support, what would it be?”

Asked the high school student.

Parton gives herself a little smirk and quickly replies with:

“I would say… act like it’s raining every day and wear your rubbers.”

Parton and the audience burst into laughter at the sexual innuendo the typically polished artist gave. Parton laughs at herself so hard that she practically brings herself to tears.

If you really know Parton, though, you know that she has always been great a delivering killer one-liners with a smile.

“I’m sorry, but even my face is red. I would just say stick to your dreams, stick to your guns, and just have faith in yourself. Stick with it, in other words.

I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

She adds to the hilarious first piece of advice.

The high schooler walks off the stage as the crowd still can’t contain themselves.

I’m sure that was the LAST piece of advice he expected to receive from Dolly Parton that day.


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