Trail Camera Captures A Raccoon And A Turkey Squaring Up In Hilarious Clip

Turkey fights racoon
Deanna Lucas

What a battle.

Nature can be so crazy… the unexpected always seems to be happen and this is certainly the unexpected.

This is also why trail cameras are awesome. Sure, they can help you out with hunting, but they are also eyes in the woods that provide the opportunity to capture unique wildlife interactions that would not be seen otherwise.

Raccoons are the masked bandits of wildlife. They are known for their distinct appearance and even sporting a thief-like mask over their eyes. They can live in the deep woods or the middle of a big city. Their ability to climb, use their thumbs and eat just about anything makes it easy for them to survive.

Turkeys on the other hand are big, slow birds that always have to be on edge for predators. These massive game birds can weigh well over 20 pounds and are a favorite in many areas they live in.

Turkeys nest on the ground, laying a bunch of eggs, even up to 17 at one time. They lay so many for the fact they will lose a few of them. Turkeys are known to protect their nest and their territory.

Raccoons love to be sneaky and raid nests, it’s just in their nature. Turkeys naturally get very defensive and given their large size, this can lead to some wild encounters.

This turkey is seen getting defensive against a raccoon.

A trail camera captured a tom running out, turning and going right back at a charging raccoon.

The raccoon doesn’t back down and flips the switch, taking the turkey for run. But, he had enough and ended up getting chased out of view by the big bird.

Nature is so cool and hilarious.

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