Moose Gets The Zoomies In Rocky Mountain National Park’s Sprague Lake

Moose running
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We’ve all seen a puppy get the zoomies, but have you ever seen a moose get them?

If not, you won’t be able to say that for long, as tourists to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado witnessed one of these massive creatures doing nothing more than enjoying a day in the water.

Moose populations are doing very well in this part of the country, with an estimated 2,500 living throughout Colorado, according to MyColoradoParks, despite increased habitat pressures due to human expansion. Because of this, over 4 million people visit Rocky Mountain National Park annually, making it the 4th most visited national park in the country, according to CNN.

If you happened to be at Sprague Lake on June 18th this year, you may have been one of the lucky few to see this moose frolicking in person.

While some speculated that the moose may have been looking for her child, it seems to me that it was just kind of stuck in the middle of a crowd of people and got a bit anxious, so it started splashing around and sprinting back and forth.

Regardless of the why, so cool to see one of these guys just cutting loose for a bit, letting every person there get to witness a bit of the athletic prowess these creatures possess.

Moose Appears To Be Running On Water In Viral Video From Alaska

Moose are underrated.

I’m just gonna say it…

I mean, what kind of dinosaur-lookin’ animal is that? We’re talking about a giant horse with a rack of spikes on its head, but it’s kind of like a deer… and now, it looks like they officially learned how to walk on water.

Jesus style…

Obviously, the water is shallow enough for this cow moose to book it like that, but damn she’s truckin’. If you slow the video down, you can tell that she’s probably in about a foot of water, but when it runs full speed, it looks like she’s literally running on the water.

Just and incredible encounter for these folks out on the boat.

Alaska people… Alaska.

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