Mama Bear Helps Cubs Climb Over Wooden Fence In Los Angeles, California

Bear Los Angeles
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Mama bear doing what mama bear does.

While driving through a community in Los Angeles County, California, a driver noticed a large black bear and two cubs attempting to climb over a wooden plank fence. Of course, the mature bear had no problem getting itself over the barrier, but the two cubs were having one heck of a time, unable to get any good footing and get to the top.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials estimate there are 30,000 to 40,000 black bears in the state, and LA Almanac estimates that 150 to 500 black bears call the Los Angeles area home. Which of course doesn’t seem like a whole lot given the county is 4,752 square miles, but anytime you have creatures that large roaming so close to people, there’s bound to be a few incidents, like when two black bears squared up on a suburban street.

This time there was no fighting, but there were plenty of really cool and somewhat stressful moments as the mama bear struggled to get her cubs over this fence.

The first of the two was less of an issue, as she posted up on the fence top and just grabbed one by the head and pulled it up to the top, where it gracefully bounded over.

But the second cub was not so easy to get.

Not quite grasping the concept of getting as close to its mother as it can, the bear just casually leans against the fence for a few moments before deciding it’s too much work and it’s going to go for a stroll down the middle of the street.

Fortunately, there were no cars coming which could have caused a real issue, but I can’t imagine the mama being too happy about having to chase her kid down the road. Seems like humans and bears may have more in common than we thought…

At the end of the whole ordeal, the mother was able to grab the second cub just like the first and pull it to the top, where it eventually was able to get to the other side.

Or at least it might have gotten to the other side, as it seemed the cub was having fun climbing back and forth on the top.

The joys of parenthood, laid out in funny black bear interactions.

This world is more connected than we may think…

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