All Hell Breaks Loose On Cruise Ship As Deck Chairs Go Flying During Violent Storm

Cruise Ship storm
Lucas Sparrow

I’ll admit, getting stuck in a bad storm on the coast can be terrifying. When the wind is gusting 40 mph, and lightning is striking everywhere, it can be pretty intense.

With that being said, I can’t imagine being stuck on a cruise ship during one of these storms.

And after watching this video, it’s even worse than I imagined.

Video footage is going viral of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship that was hit by a massive storm right as it was preparing to leave Florida.

According to the  New York Post, the boat was dubbed Independence of the Seas, and was preparing to leave Port Canaveral to head to the Bahamas back on June 16th.

In the video, you can see umbrellas and chairs flying around all over the place. And perhaps the scariest part is when you can see passengers literally getting swept down the balcony by the strong rain and winds.

Seriously, it looks like a scary movie.

TikTok user Lucassparrow1110 posted:

“Just a fun evening leaving Port Canaveral this past Friday. No announcement from the captain before or after, also no mention of what happened. Just pretend like it didn’t happen I guess.”

Gee, your passengers went through Hell and back on your cruise ship, and you’re just gonna act like it was bright and sunny?

Not a great way to kick of a cruise.

Sparrow also posted a video to Twitter of chairs and umbrellas flying around on the ship, writing:

“Instead of telling people to come up to the top deck when we have a severe thunderstorm warning, maybe you should be more worried about your guests and employees and tell them to get inside.”

Needless to say, it’s a miracle that nobody lost their life during this wild ordeal.

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